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Release Date:June 20, 2023
Duration:10 hr, 57 min

She’s a good girl. And she has a thing for bad boys.

It’s the reason I had to let her go. I knew that I was a mistake she was willing to make over and over again. I loved her too much to hurt her, but that didn’t give anyone else the right to. She’s too pure and too precious. And, I’d do any nigga dirty that dared to play with her heart. I wasn’t even the exception when it came to her. That’s why I knew I had to get my shit together and cater to her heart the way only I could. And until she was mine again, I’d go to war with any nigga, empty my bank accounts, ignite fires between us, sing every love song known to man, and grovel at her feet. Because I wouldn’t rest until she belonged to me. He’s a heartbreaker. And I’m still recovering from that time he broke mine. Year after year after year, I trick myself into believing that I’m over it—that I’m over him. Then I see his face, and the feelings we once shared resurface. We were young, and we were in love, but it was a love I was willing to do anything for. He was someone I was willing to do anything for. Suddenly, he decided that my love wasn’t enough. While he went on with his life, mine was always stuck on pause. Then, I decided that love waits for no one and allowed it into my world again. Happiness has found me in the form of a chocolate, successful black man, yet I’m still wondering if I would be even happier with him. Includes bonus novella,_ Liam_.

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