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Release Date:January 24, 2023
Duration:8 hr, 37 min


I’ve been told I’m beautiful to look at, but I’m a monster all the same. Barely contained. Terrifying now that the thirst is upon me. I’m a beast king, and that comes with its pros and cons. Big con: I have to take a bride. It’s built into my DNA. We all reach a point where the drive kicks in. I thought I still had time. I was wrong. I need to find her. The one.  A vampiress whose blood will quench me. The hunt is on. If I don’t find her soon, I’ll be put down like a rabid dog, leaving my throne to my greatest enemy: my rival by blood. And that can’t happen.

Bellicent What happens in the dark stays in the dark…or so I thought. I’m a half-blood. More human than vampire. A weakling. A circus trick only good for being used and abused. When the vampire king shows interest in me, I tell him where to get off…then I spend the night with him. Don’t judge me! Who wouldn’t leap at the opportunity? He’s the most eligible bachelor on the planet and is known to be picky about who he spends time with. The king also happens to be my family’s greatest rival. It’s a feud that spans centuries. Think of the Capulets and Montagues, only so much worse. Last night was a moment of weakness; a night I don’t regret! Thane is more of a beast than I ever imagined. My brother will pop a vein if he ever finds out what I did. He thinks he can run every aspect of my life, but he’s wrong. I will follow the two rules that have been drummed into me since childhood...and those two rules only! To keep the peace, I’d prefer it if Zale never found out about last night. He’d make my life a living hell. Then, the king shows up on my doorstep again. Everything I’ve ever known to be true starts to unravel. It all gets turned on its head. I’m not sure who my real enemies are anymore...

Thirst is the first book in a series about monsters of all kinds. If you like enemies to lovers, forbidden romance, sassy heroines, and swoon-worthy beast kings who are almost untamable, then this is the series for you.

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