Neural Wraith 2
Neural Wraith 2
Neural Wraith - Book 2

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Release Date:March 21, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:15 hr, 56 min

Finance isn't detective Nick Waite’s strong suit, but he’s learning fast as he investigates the cover-up of a murder inside Neo Babylon’s oldest bank.

The winds of conspiracy whirl around him, and everyone from the police commissioner to gang lords warn him to step back. Taking the easy way out isn’t in his nature, however. He’s gotten where he is by being stubborn and a chance to knock a corrupt bank down a peg is too good to pass up. But all isn’t well with his partners, the police’s elite Archangels. A new prototype model is about to be deployed, and she has her own views on humanity to force on her brethren. Nick feels more like an AI whisperer than a detective some days. Through it all, the city continues to smolder like a powder keg ready to blow. This case will determine more than the fate of a few banking executives.

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