Bonds of Truths

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Performed By:Nick Podehl
Release Date:June 20, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:22 hr, 59 min

Many truths have been shrouded in deceit. But lies can only last so long…

With five of the Orbs of Peace still at large and threatening the world’s survival, Cinder and Anya set forth to acquire them by any means. But their efforts—be it through simple ruses, espionage, or even war—are doomed if they cannot first shatter the falsehoods that warp their very memories. Are they the Blessed Ones of prophecy or simply broken avatars? It is a question without an easy answer, hindered as it is by deceptions that aren’t so easily overcome. And while there is hope, even with the aid of faithful allies—the Shokans, redeemed wraiths, and a heretofore unknown daughter—if Cinder and Anya cannot forge a new path together, the heart of who they are will be irrevocably broken… And the world with it.

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