Path of Ascension 2

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Release Date:May 4, 2021
Format:Duet Narration
Duration:8 hr, 12 min

Even heroes stumble when walking the Path of Ascension.

After the excitement of the midterms has died down, both Alex and J are looking forward to their vacation. The happiness they find is all too fleeting. Alex is whisked off in the middle of the night, heading for a series of challenges that will push him to his very limits. J accepts his new role as an eager student...until he's forced to contend with a rival from his past.  Can the two overcome their mounting obstacles and emerge as heroes of Ascension?  _Wyvern Academy is a harem cultivation series inspired by Japanese Light Novels as well as a deep love and respect for anime, kung fu, martial arts, and battle academy adventures. It contains some explicit adult content, unconventional relationships, and violence. _

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