Ash and Fire
Ash and Fire
Ash & Fire - Book 1

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Release Date:May 31, 2022
Format:Single Narration
Duration:15 hr, 59 min

I was the Ashlord—a primordial, an apex predator amongst beasts, commanding legions. I fell, despite my power, although not due to the strength of my enemies...but the betrayal of my own kind.

A voice whispered to me as I lay dying on the cold ground, promising rebirth and revenge. Accepting his offer, I fell into a timeless sleep.

I awaken to the cold and crushing dark of a forgotten grave and discover that I have changed. No longer a primordial force of nature, I now inhabit the body of a once immortal cultivator, the very same one that tried to claim my core as I lay dying. He is part of me now, a fragment, sharing space with the Ashlord, and the tricky spirit that pulled us all together.

What am I now? And will I be able to resist the siren song of revenge and redemption?

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