The Spring Maiden

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Release Date:January 16, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:9 hr, 50 min

Powerful plant mage and heir-apparent to the Duchy of Eleusion, Penny Barclay lives each day under two strict rules: Don’t shame the family’s magical heritage, and don’t allow any man to turn her head.

While she knows her mother’s restrictive rules come from a place of love, Penny doesn’t always agree on how they should be followed—particularly with a rebellion threatening their way of life. The rebels’ goal? For all magic wielders to be enslaved under those who have not received such a gift from the Goddess. When whispers of a rebellion reach Penny’s ear, she knows she must do whatever it takes to uproot the rebels from her lands. This is her chance to prove to her mother she can take on more than her mother believes she can. But Penny can’t possibly uncover the sinister plot on her own—not without her mother finding out and locking her away for the rest of her life. When Lou, a handsome spy sent by the Crown to investigate the rebellion, arrives with the expertise she needs to accomplish her goals, Penny demands she be included in his mission to help Lou uncover the leader of the rebellion... even if it costs her everything, including the freedom she’s longed for. _The Spring Maiden _is a bewitching debut from a strong new voice in fantasy. Book one in The Cartographer’s War gives us a fierce, relatable heroine, forbidden love, and a noble quest to root for.

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