Monsters Below

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Release Date:April 2, 2024
Duration:6 hr, 1 min

With forces I don't understand out to hurt my monsters, time is running out to figure out who–no, what–I am.

The weight of the world suddenly crashes on my shoulders, and I’m not sure how long I can carry it. I’m not like the heroes I’ve read about in books—I’ve just barely started understanding my powers, how am I going to save anyone? Could the Fates have screwed up, putting me on this path? When bodies begin to drop, it’s crystal clear: time is up. Do I tuck tail and hide with my monsters, or do I stand tall and fight for the first place I’ve ever felt like I could call home? Monsters Below_ is book two in The Creatures We Crave series, which is set within the shared universe of Dark Imaginarium Academy. Intended for mature listeners._

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