Shadow's Chosen

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Release Date:August 3, 2021
Duration:10 hr, 27 min

From their first encounter, she knew he was trouble.

A top operative in her field, Elise was trained since youth to be one of Earth's most elite soldiers. But nothing could prepare her for Tyrminus and the deadly aliens taking over the city. She is given one job: Find the Grayhart team of explorers that have disappeared within the undercity and bring them back alive, a seemingly impossible mission. There is one rule: Stay away from the alien bounty hunters, especially their terrifying and hypnotic leader, Nezka, who has been assigned to hunt down the mysterious criminal overlord now ruling the undercity. As much as Elise would gladly abide by that rule, fate had other plans. Now, Nezka is her only hope of surviving. Despite how wicked and dangerous he may seem, the ruthless hunter claims he will aid her in the fight to save the others and escape the city. Because protecting her suddenly seems his top priority. But Nezka carries dark secrets, including a separate mission that could destroy the growing bond between them. Can she trust him? Or will he be her end?

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