Heart of the Shadow King
Heart of the Shadow King
Bride of the Shadow King - Book 3

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Release Date:April 16, 2024
Duration:14 hr, 24 min

A king desperate to save his bride. A queen discovering the dark potential of her power.

After nearly losing one another in a savage attack on the city, Vor and Faraine return to Mythanar, fully committed to their marriage. But the situation in the Under Realm remains dire. With the world poised on the brink of collapse, Vor struggles to protect his kingdom. Though Faraine longs to support him as queen, she fights the weakness in her body at every turn... not to mention the strange changes warping her gods-gift. When war drags them apart, Vor and Faraine face the consequences of their choices. How can Vor lead those who have lost faith in him? Torn between honor and desire, he must decide where his heart truly lies: with his kingdom or his queen. Meanwhile, as Faraine explores the new dimensions of her power, she starts to believe the coming cataclysm may be prevented. But in doing so, will she unleash a darkness in herself far more disastrous? Breathtaking stakes. Ultimate reveals. This is the epic finale you’ve been waiting for! Let Heart of the Shadow King keep you swooning into the small hours of the night with its heartbreak, heat, and hard-won happily-ever-afters.

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