The Omega Merger

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Release Date:January 16, 2024
Duration:11 hr, 18 min

Betas are made for business, not pleasure.

We’re intelligent, hard-working, and unlike alphas and omegas, we’re not ruled by our hormones. That’s how I’ve earned the title of Alpha Wrangler. No matter how much testosterone floods a boardroom, I can always rise above it and get the job done. Which wins me the plum job of negotiating one of the biggest mergers in the country. All I need are a couple of signatures, and then I can use my bonus to buy an apartment with Kelvin, my beta assistant and best friend with benefits. All that comes crashing down when I’m triggered by a switch. My hidden omega nature takes over, hungry for knots, bites, and a pack of my own. I always thought switches were an urban myth. The guy who triggers me is part of the merger deal, and I’m suddenly hot and needy for my billionaire bosses, a royal omega, and my best friend… I just have to remind myself this is a heat of convenience. I’m here to do a job – and so are they. So why does it feel like a mind-blowing merger is on the table? The Omega Merger is a standalone in the Billionaires in Heat series.

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