The Contortionist

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Release Date:March 2, 2021
Format:Single Narration
Duration:7 hr, 54 min

Come one, come all, to Harrow Faire...and greet your sweetest nightmare.

Cora Glass' humdrum existence as a bank teller flips upside down when a long-abandoned circus mysteriously returns to life. But the entry fee to this big-top show is far more than Cora bargained for. A deal struck. A soul...stuck. As Harrow Faire shines a spotlight on Cora, she discovers there are far more secrets in that three-ring nightmare than she could possibly imagine. Trapped in the world of the fiendish and alluring man known as the Puppeteer, Cora finds herself caught in a war between him and the reclusive Mr. Harrow. Both parties will stop at nothing - even murder - to get what they want. And what they her.

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