The Adventures of Grave
The Adventures of Grave
The Adventures of Grave - Book 1

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Release Date:December 5, 2023
Format:Duet Narration
Duration:16 hr, 22 min

Marcus was never a hero... and he never wanted to be.

He never wanted a lot of things. He didn’t want to go to school for a pointless degree. He didn’t want to be an office drone, working nine-to-five to barely make ends meet. Most importantly, he didn’t want to play by other people’s rules. He wanted to do things his way and live life on his terms. Some people might have called him a criminal, but he called it freedom. Too bad it got him killed. When everything changed, death didn’t take like it used to. Marcus returned to find everything was different: the people, the places, the world, and most importantly... himself. Heroes and villains were more real than in any comic book, and it was up to him to find his place in the city he used to call home. Unlike before, this time, he had the power to make people respect him. In order to figure things out, he will need some help. Thankfully, he has some interesting women to guide him on his path to discovery. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll join him in a little criminal activity along the way.

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