Possessed by the Stryxian
Possessed by the Stryxian
Stryxian Alien Warriors - Book 4

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Release Date:May 31, 2022
Duration:6 hr, 11 min

Xarik Tek-ra is one of few of his kind who do not want to take over the Stryxian empire by force. He is a Vanyi—one of the rare, silver-scaled Stryxians possessing devastating mind powers.

When he finds an unconscious human female in the middle of nowhere and returns with her to his settlement, his mala is awakened. She may be his true mate, but she is terrified of him. It was other Vanyi who had abducted her, making winning her trust the greatest challenge of his life.

Andi Belta barely escaped with her life, only to wake up face-to-face with one of the monsters who abducted her. But Xarik is nothing like the other Vanyi who took her. He seems determined to help her find those who harmed her and rescue the other women who are still trapped. As she learns to trust him, she also finds herself powerfully drawn to him. But are her emotions true, or is he manipulating her with his powerful mind control abilities?

When Xarik and Andi dive deep into enemy territory to rescue the other abducted women, they learn this is no simple rescue mission. Dark forces are at work on Stryxia and threaten to destroy the work that has brought the planet back from the brink of ruin. They may save Andi’s friends and bring the traitors to justice, but at what price? How far will Xarik go to win the trust and love of the woman he is destined for?

This is book four of the Stryxian Alien Warrior series. The author writes what they love in a story: always consent and a happy ending, and never cheating or cliff-hangers.

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