Crimson Wrath

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Release Date:April 9, 2024
Duration:6 hr, 37 min

He doesn’t know I’m pregnant. Only his enemies do. And they will do everything to take my baby away from me.

You think it can’t get worse? It can. Because as I sit here with my growing belly, tied to a chair, waiting for the bullet to end my life, I only have one chance to survive. Anton Ulianov. The man who became my boss and made me pregnant. The man who thinks I’ve abandoned him. The man who hates me. Of all the people in this messed up world, he’s the only one I can trust. But will he trust me when I tell him the truth? Will I even make it that long? As seconds go by and time runs out, I’m faced with a choice: Put my and my baby's life in Anton’s calloused hands—or die. I’m not sure which one is better. Welcome to Ulianov Bratva! Crimson Wrath_ is a Russian dark mafia romance and the second book in the Ulianov Bratva series. For the best experience, listen to the books in order._

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