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Release Date:January 1, 2019
Format:Single Narration
Duration:7 hr, 25 min

The explosive best-selling sequel to the landmark horror-thriller, Existential. A must-listen for science fiction and horror fans alike, _Undead _is a roller coaster ride of action and terror!

Max Ahlgren thought the nightmare he had endured in Alaska was over. He was wrong.  Consumed with finding those responsible for the death of his family 10 years earlier, Max is approached by Juno Rey, a seductive CIA agent with a tantalizing offer - information on the killers in exchange for Max's help on a top-secret mission. The target: a covert biomedical research facility located deep in North Korea, where scientists are attempting to reverse engineer the alien life-form discovered in Alaska.  An elite team of CIA operatives accompanies him, but even their advanced weapons cannot ensure survival against the murderous abominations created at the facility. Max must decide who he can trust as the devastating secret of their mission unravels. To unlock the secrets of his past, Max must again face his nightmares as he fights to save humanity from an unearthly terror.  _Undead _is a cocktail of horror, science fiction, and thrilling military action. Fast-paced, terrifying, and visceral, it contains intense scenes of graphic violence and horror. Listener discretion is advised.

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