A Gargoyle's Delight
A Gargoyle's Delight
Monster's Duet - Book standalone

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Release Date:October 10, 2023
Duration:8 hr, 42 min

For centuries I have suffered.

Solidified and silenced, all because I failed to destroy what I was created for. Except now, after so long… There is a female. One who always seems to be by my side. Day after day. Night after night. She talks to me. Touches me. Tells me things. She shares stories of a world I no longer know. She is a reprieve from my punishment. A sweet delight. She liberates me from my solitude. But when I rise, my adversary seizes his opportunity, and she’s caught between us. He only wants her to get to me. She isn’t his. And I’ll do anything to protect what’s mine.

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