The Problem with Players
The Problem with Players
The Problem Series - Book 2

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Release Date:August 6, 2024
Duration:11 hr, 26 min

As a female coach, I’ve always lived by a simple mantra: throw hard, swing for the fences, and never, ever look back—especially when it comes to past flames. 

So when my ex-boyfriend somehow manages to land the job as my new assistant coach, my life is flipped upside down. The game I thought I'd mastered is now being played with a whole new set of rules.  My ex is baseball's all-star Nathan Pierce. He’s tall, dark, and undeniably handsome. He's also all too eager to spend extra hours working together while flashing that familiar devilish smirk of his that still sends my heart racing.   Between playful teasing and lingering stares, I discover that Nathan isn’t just here to work. He’s here to rewrite history. Our history.   When fate throws another curveball that involves me needing a place to stay, Nathan offers me his spare bedroom, which sends me spiraling into emotions I believed had long since faded.  Now, I’m faced with the ultimate decision: keep it professional and continue fleeing from our past, or confront it head-on by playing the game he thinks we were meant to finish together.

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