Eternal Return

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Performed By:Jeffrey Kafer
Release Date:February 14, 2017
Format:Single Narration
Duration:7 hr, 44 min

A memory recovered... A weapon forged... A showdown an eternity in the making...

Colonel Mitchell "Ares" Williams has won battles before. So while the recovery of the eternal engine and the emergence of a powerful new ally have given him hope that he can save humanity from enslavement and annihilation, he knows the war against the Tetron is far from over, and victory far from assured. When a mission gone sideways finds the Riggers cut off and the enemy closing in, Mitchell has no choice but to forget about strategy and improvise, risking everything in a last-ditch effort to bring the starship, Goliath, back where it belongs. Because if he doesn't, there won't be any battles left to win.

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