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Release Date:September 21, 2021
Format:Single Narration
Duration:10 hr, 25 min

A young woman with cybernetic upgrades, Mari Moonrazor has decided to flee the restrictive machine-worshipping cult she was raised in.

She longs to know what it’s like to live among normal humans and experience simple biological pleasures like consuming alcohol, kissing a boy, and — most importantly — eating chocolate. But her mother, the infamous astroshaman leader Kyla Moonrazor, is determined to get her back, even if it means sending a bounty hunter after her. Mari’s only hope for freedom is to be granted asylum from the leaders of the powerful Star Kingdom. First, she must prove that she has knowledge and resources she can offer them. Second, she has to earn their trust. This all would have been easier if her people hadn’t bombed their planet.... Asylum is a stand-alone novel in the Star Kingdom universe. It introduces new heroes, but fans will enjoy visits with Casmir, Kim, Qin, Laser, Oku, and other favorites from the series.

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