Guardian of Earth
Guardian of Earth
Reign of Dragons - Book 2

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Release Date:February 13, 2024
Duration:10 hr, 53 min

I've lived six lives, and most of them were always the same to the very end. But in my seventh, everything is about to change...

When I left my captor behind and went home to prepare for my wedding, I was sure about a lot of things: I was never going to see Lucien Di Laurier again until he came to kill me in two years. I was never going to learn more about the reign of dragons, how it started, what it means. I was never going to change my mind about who my father is... who my mother was. And I was dead wrong about all of it. Pretty engagement dresses, fancy gifts, and parties do not change the truth about my life. I am a prisoner still, in my own home, in my own skin. But the more I tiptoe around my father and learn about the past, the more the future changes. Nobody can hide from the king for long. Everything gets out of my control before I can blink, and death is certain unless... Unless I make a deal with the devil herself. I will do whatever it takes to make sure the people that I care about survive. May the gods help me.

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