Royal Gone Rogue

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Release Date:October 10, 2023
Duration:9 hr, 35 min

“You can’t choose a wife based on a spreadsheet.”

“It’s a rubric.” “Even worse!” With the king’s health in decline, the time is short for Crown Prince Phillip of Elsinore to choose a suitable wife. Preferably not one of the many titled women who seem only interested in the crown. Like the logical, responsible man he is, Phillip treats this task the way he does everything else—analytically, with measurable data points. Leaving Elsinore in secret, Phillip travels to a tiny Italian village to meet the woman best matching his qualifications. The plan is to present Alessia with a proposal of marriage and return to the palace before anyone notices his absence. What he didn’t plan for? Feelings. His: almost immediate, gut-punching attraction like he’s never felt. Hers: seeming dislike and distrust like he’s never experienced. Phillip’s very practical plan has been replaced with a new one: to stay on and win Alessia’s affection at any cost. Even if the cost is walking away from the crown ... _Royal Gone Rogue _is the second book in the Sweet Royal RomCom series with laugh-out-loud humor, heart-warming love stories, and sizzling chemistry that keeps the bedroom door closed.

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