Kiss My Pucking Bass
Kiss My Pucking Bass
Kings of Denver - Book 3

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Release Date:October 24, 2023
Duration:8 hr, 40 min


My life has been a mess since the day my father died. I was beaten and abused until I found the courage to run. I ran until I couldn’t take another step, collapsing at the door of Mickey’s bar. I was a broken shell, ready to give in. Until the sexy, broody man decided to save me. Xander She’s like nothing I’d ever seen with those blues and dark hair. Captivating and sexy and hell—I’m going to make her mine. A good girl like that shouldn’t be messing around with a guy like me. I’m the black sheep. My life is dangerous, unpredictable, and wild. She needs to stay away. But what if she’s not the good girl I believe her to be? Kiss My Pucking Bass is a new adult college sports romance with a HEA. Intended for mature listeners.

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