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Performed By:Tess Irondale
Release Date:February 26, 2019
Format:Single Narration
Duration:7 hr, 29 min

Abigail and Clementine were just a couple of orphans looking for a home.

But when the two girls witness something terrible, they have no choice but to leave their orphanage and go into hiding. The only person willing to take them in is a man named Mulberry, but his home isn't the safest place for two innocent children. Abigail and Clementine quickly discover that their new caretaker is the head of a guild of assassins, and the two are thrown into a whole new life of danger. To survive, they'll need to adapt to a world they can barely comprehend, all without losing who they are along the way. Discover intrigue, death, and contract killers in this exciting new sci-fi series from J.N. Chaney. If you're a fan of Black WidowCowboy Bebop, or Altered Carbon, you'll love this new adventure in the Renegade Star universe. Note: This book contains mature themes.

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