The Third Baseman
The Third Baseman
The New York Lions - Book 1

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Release Date:October 24, 2023
Duration:11 hr, 32 min

My name is Jupiter Reeves, and I am a fraud.

It’s not that what’s written about me isn’t true. I am the greatest third baseman of my generation, possibly ever. I am surly and unapproachable. I do have a constant scowl with an armor of tattoos. To the outside world, I play my role as the bad boy of baseball like I was born to do it. But when the doors are closed, and you boil it down, I’m nothing more than a man who lost his heart too young, with no prospect of getting it back... especially as I still have no idea where its current owner is. That was until I was offered an opportunity I couldn't refuse: Leave the Los Angeles Dodgers—where I've played my entire career—and join The New York Lions in exchange for tracking down the one woman who's consumed me since the day I first saw her fourteen years ago. Job done. Now we're under the same roof once again, except Marnie Matthews wants nothing to do with me or my heart. So, along with winning the Commissioner's Trophy, I have the added challenge of winning back the only woman I've ever loved before the season ends and convincing her to stay in New York with me. I might have been stupid enough to lose her once, but I'm definitely not going to do it again. Marnie Matthews is about to become the biggest achievement of my life.

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