The Royal Duke

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Performed By:Austin Rising
Release Date:March 19, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:9 hr, 51 min

If you had the chance to go through a portal for a chance at wealth, fame, and loot... would you do it?

Matthew's life takes a crazy turn when a simple holiday visit turns into a crazy adventure. Swapping his marketing desk for an unexpected inheritance—the bookstore left behind by his uncle—he’s led to a hidden portal. This isn't just any portal; it leads to a realm. A new world of dungeons, quests, and game-like mechanics. Matthew emerges on the other side to find himself not only in the realm of Dunnishire but also as a Royal Duke in the land of Inneshys. As he navigates courtly life, he inadvertently sets off ripples that threaten to disrupt the delicate balance in the new world. Running the bookstore on Earth proves to be just the beginning of his trouble as he faces the reality of two worlds that try to control him. Dive into a story of intrigue, romance, and self-realization as Matthew takes a leap of faith, ready to reshape his destiny and master a game of two worlds. The Royal Duke is a progression fantasy with grownups who act like grownups. They drink, they swear, they make bad jokes, and they fall in love. What’s not in this book? Sex scenes. Graphic or otherwise. There are plenty of jokes and innuendo about it, however.

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