The Fake Zone

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Release Date:March 5, 2024
Duration:13 hr, 16 min

Greyson Meyers can’t afford the distraction of a relationship.

His focus is on football and earning his degree to ensure his mom never has to work another day. Mila Atwool has it all together—at least, that’s what everyone thinks. But after an incident fractured her safety and trust last year, Mila’s been struggling to maintain appearances. The two strike a deal: Mila will pose as his girlfriend to make his life appear better balanced so he can earn a sponsorship, and in turn, Grey will train her in self-defense to help her rebuild a sense of security. Two and a half years of friendship ensured their fake relationship would be a safe bet—or so they thought. But what was a simmering tension quickly boils over, and both are terrified of getting burned. They realize this new zone may be impossible to escape unscathed.

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