Monstrous Ends
Monstrous Ends
Forgotten City - Book 3

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Release Date:August 29, 2023
Duration:10 hr, 59 min

Thirty years ago, the world as we know it was lost.

Now humans live like rats, desperate for food and safety, the wall towering before us as a mocking reminder of what happened… A wall I find myself running to for refuge. I’ve spent my whole life uncovering the truth, telling the world the reality behind the stories that they watch. I’m the one on their screens, the adrenaline junkie, the mayor's perfect daughter. Until one day, I pick up the wrong story. With no other choice, I run and hide in the one place I will be safe from those hunting me—the wall. However, once over it, I don’t find safety; I find chains. Captured by my enemy, a monster, and held at his whims, I have no choice but to use every weapon at my disposal to keep myself alive and prove my worth to him. Samael, The Mad King: the monster that hates humans more than any other, the one who watches me like he cannot wait to kill me, but when fate intervenes, and we find ourselves turning to the other for answers, he has no choice but to keep me alive. After all, my enemy's enemy is my friend. Lies have been told, truths have been revealed, but now it's time to end this once and for all. It is time for the monsters to take their revenge. It is time for our Monstrous Ends. Monstrous Ends is the third book in the Forgotten City series. Each book can be enjoyed as a standalone and features different characters, but the series is best listened to in order.

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