The Pro vs. The Fan
The Pro vs. The Fan
On the Track - Book 3

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Release Date:April 16, 2024
Duration:4 hr, 57 min


I’m the pro. Always professional, always mindful of the press, and always doing the right thing. My life is flashy and chaotic. I’ve spent the past few years doing everything I was supposed to, including smiling pretty for the cameras while standing next to the world’s favorite pop star. But now that’s over. I’m yearning for a simpler life. I love racing, but the fame part I could do without. I want a life out of the spotlight, and I want something real. Cooper I’m a fan—how could I not be? And not just a fan of racing. I can’t help but be swept up by the lives of celebrities. Wondering if they really have it so much better or if something is missing. Now that Maverick isn’t just that hot racer I’ve followed for years and is instead my friend, I’m starting to see the answer. We always want what we don’t have. Rich and famous or poor and seemingly invisible... who really has it better? Where does true happiness actually lie?

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