Dual Sword God

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Release Date:August 24, 2021
Format:Single Narration
Duration:20 hr, 38 min

Includes books one and two of Dual Sword Gods, the epic tale of a warrior who wields two unparalleled swords.

Nirvana Rebirth, book one A new life starts with the end of another, leading to the birth of an invincible legend. Born talentless into a life full of struggle, Feng Yu thought his dreams were only fantasies, including his hope of becoming a peak cultivator. Until one day, in a strange ancient ruin, he encounters an accident, one that transports his soul to another world, transforming his entire existence. In the Bright Flame Kingdom, there's a small town known as Machen Town where a boy of age 15 called Feng Yu was beaten to death by the Xiang Clan's son. Upon his demise, a soul that had traveled through time and space quickly took over the body, merging as one new being. It was the soul of a martial cultivator from another world, also bearing Feng Yu's name. Realizing that he now has a second chance at life, Feng Yu decided to take in his new identity in full stride. He chooses to pursue his goal of reaching the summit of martial arts through the arts of swordsmanship, all while gradually unearthing the powers of his mysterious bloodline and the world around him. The Door of an Ancient Kingdom, book two After a tiring trip to the Tydol Mountain Range, Feng Yu had finally made it home in one piece. The atmosphere in Machen Town is growing richer as the date for the Bright Flame Kingdom's Talent Selection approaches, causing many unusual characters to wander about town, eager to witness the battle of young elites. However, because of an unusual prophecy, the turnout is bigger than expected. Young elites from distant lands had traveled to partake in this competition, and a battle unlike anything seen before is set motion. The mood for an astounding competition is rising to its peak, but so are the underworkings, shrouded by the competing atmosphere. Feng Yu and his newfound friends must now compete against these rising talents and unveil what truly hides beneath.

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