Dark Fire Kiss

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Release Date:November 7, 2023
Duration:7 hr, 28 min

Half human, half vampire, I’ve spent my life on the fringes of my father’s court.

Born with all the vampire weaknesses and none of the gifts, I have little to offer my family—until my father, the prince, is poisoned. Only dragon tears will heal him, and the dragons are desperate for female mates. So, I’m offered as a sacrifice. Dumped in dragon territory in the Scottish Highlands, I’m quickly captured by Bram McGregor and Fergus Devlin. It’s my body in exchange for the tears, and it doesn’t matter how I feel about the trade. But as time passes, I feel a lot more than I expected. Bram and Fergus claim fate sent me to them, and they’re eager to prove the three of us could build a beautiful life together. The longer I stay, the more I realize sharing their bed isn’t the sacrifice I once believed. With two powerful, sexy dragons by my side, I’m beginning to feel I’ve finally found my place in the world. But my past isn't finished with me yet. Just when I think happiness is within reach, my family comes hurtling back into my life. And this time, their betrayal may cost me everything—and everyone—I love. Dark Fire Kiss is an MMF romance with sword-crossing aplenty.

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