Alien Warrior Unbeaten
Alien Warrior Unbeaten
Galaxy Games - Book 3

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Release Date:October 25, 2022
Duration:6 hr, 14 min

Can a stoic alien warrior melt the heart of his Earthling fated mate?

After my mother gave me to the Shiedar invaders as a child, they took me to a place where screams of pain echoed around me. The leader tortured me and other young males I soon called my brothers. In his determination to twist me into a feral warrior, the leader turned me into a beast. To protect myself, I built a barrier around my heart; a simple task since my people only experience muted emotions. Only when we meet our fated mates do our feelings come alive. Then I was sold to the Galaxy Games, where I’ll now complete a series of nearly impossible tasks. If I win, I’m free. Lose and I die. They partner me with her, and suddenly, I’m overwhelmed with intense emotions. A craving for her unlike anything I’ve felt before. A fierce need to protect this Earthling female. And the stark terror that she’ll be stolen from me if we’re lucky enough to win. She’s determined to return to her home planet once we’ve finished the Game, but now that she’s brought indescribable joy to my life, how can I let her go?

Alien Warrior Unbeaten is book three of the Galaxy Games Series. Each book features a different, tortured alien hero who’s desperate to protect and cherish his fated mate.

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