Blood Moon Sanctum

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Release Date:December 5, 2023
Duration:11 hr, 31 min

"Daughter of the Blood Moon," they call her.

"The winner of the war," they said. "The princess that will bring the gods back," they claim. War is waging between the Black Bloods and the Paragon Dawn. The time has come for the other kingdoms to pick a side. Except there’s one thing that will get in the way of pledging their unwavering allegiance: Every king wants Princess Devereux’s heart on a platter—or worse, a ring on her finger. Her plan is simple: she must find the witch who cursed her and stay hidden in plain sight so the prophecy may never come to life. Only one of those two things has been doable. Running from her crown was easy. Dabbling in black-market trade has its benefits. Getting rid of the curse, however, seems to be a fallacy. Her truth will be found in the pages of a long-forgotten book. But some books aren’t meant to be read. Some doors should never be unlocked. Because when he comes out, he’s not going back in. And once he is out, there’s no telling what monsters will crawl out of Hell with him.

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