Rogue Assassin
Rogue Assassin
Pantheon Online - Book 2

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Release Date:March 7, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:9 hr, 49 min

The trials are over. The real game is about to begin.

With grit, intelligence, and a stroke of luck, Gunnar passed his guild trials and has been granted the opportunity to be the champion of a goddess. He now has the opportunity to form a faction of his own, join a powerful guild, and make a name for himself in the city of Thailen. But he has also made some bitter enemies, including an old nemesis who is bent on destroying everything he has accomplished. To survive this cutthroat world of thieves and assassins, Gunnar will have to be smarter, and stronger, and more ruthless. Learning some dark magic might not hurt either. But always lingering with him is the mystery surrounding his arrival in the realms of Pantheon. Pursuing the answer could change everything...or it could easily destroy him. Rogue Assassin is the the exciting second installment of Pantheon Online, an action-packed LitRPG series.

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