Eight: Undaunted
Eight: Undaunted
Eight - Book 3

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Release Date:March 12, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:23 hr, 34 min

How does an old man in an eight-year-old body hunt down a killer? With wisdom, courage, and a healthy dash of magic.

When a murderer-turned-monster escapes, the evil once restrained now roams free, leaving death in his wake. Inleio, the former lodge master, has fallen, and the responsibility to avenge his death lands squarely on Eight's shoulders. The chase is treacherous and wild, leading Eight and his hunter team to the nearby city of Albei. There, they face more than just their prey. Political schemes, intrigues from the rival Healer's Lodge, and even assassins threaten to derail their mission. The stakes are higher, the enemies fiercer, and the Long Dark's shadow looms ever closer. Can Eight's years of wisdom, honed skills, and sheer determination carry him through? He's faced hungry beasts, explored the wilderness, and survived first contact with civilization. But this time, the challenge is greater, the danger more insidious. Eight 3: Undaunted is a novel of pursuit and peril, of urban struggles, and of a relentless dance with life, death, and magic. It's an adventure that tests the very essence of Eight's being. Join him as he faces his most daunting challenge yet, but remember, in the game of survival, even the wise can fall, and the Long Dark waits for no one.

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