My Fair Alien
My Fair Alien
Cosmic Cinema - Book 1

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Release Date:May 14, 2024
Duration:4 hr, 41 min

Can an alien professor decode the language of love?

Professor Harak H’gin leads a peaceful life studying linguistics on his native planet of Plumeria. Until the day he stumbles across a bedraggled, beautiful human female. Dared by a colleague to transform the pitiful creature into a true member of their society, Harak takes on the challenge. Forced to eke out a meager living selling flowers, Liza is desperate to improve her situation. When a chance meeting offers the opportunity to become something more than a menial worker, she doesn’t hesitate—even though it means moving in with the arrogant, handsome alien. But somewhere along the way, the lines between teacher and student, human and Plumerian, begin to blur. Can Harak resist her newly discovered charms? And can Liza give her heart to an alien who only seems to think of her as an experiment? This sweet and steamy standalone romance is intended for mature listeners.

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