Death: Genesis 6
Death: Genesis 6
Death: Genesis - Book 6

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Release Date:July 2, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:19 hr, 10 min

A young half-human, half-demon warrior in pursuit of power becomes the reluctant leader of a rebellion in this action-packed post-apocalyptic fantasy.

  To his dwarven captors, Zeke Blackwood is just another slave working the mines. They’re unaware he’s a Cambion, or human-demon hybrid, who’s been charged with increasing his power as he battles the monstrous beings beneath the mountains of Min Ferilik. Forced by the dwarves into hard labor, gladiatorial games, and dangerous quests, Zeke continues to grow more powerful, becoming a champion meant for deployment in a forthcoming war between good and evil.   But Zeke has his own agenda. His friends—the beastkin Pudge, the undead Talia Nightingale, and the alchemist Tucker—are scattered across the Eternal Realm, enduring their own trials in order to survive and thrive. Once Zeke has acquired enough power, he’ll take revenge against his enslavers and reunite with his companions. And when he’s forced on an expedition to the Sea of Corruption, he finds that very power is suddenly within his grasp.   Fighting his way through hordes of monsters, Zeke encounters an even deadlier entity: the spirit of the demon Eveline. Cursed for all eternity to be a prisoner in the Sea of Corruption, the succubus persuades Zeke to help her escape. Bound to Eveline’s manipulative and untrustworthy essence, he must guard himself from her influence—only to discover the demonic mana he wields threatens to consume his soul. It also gives him control over an army of kobolds and golems, all more than willing to overthrow the dwarven kingdom, free its slaves, and start a revolution . . .   The sixth volume of the hit LitRPG fantasy series—with more than a million views on Royal Road—now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible!

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