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Release Date:May 28, 2024
Duration:5 hr, 31 min

Destruction at every turn. Chaos on the streets. A family on the brink of giving up.

Five days after a megaquake and tsunami ravaged the Pacific Northwest, Mika and her father are still on the hunt for her mother. After almost dying from an electric shock in the flood waters, Mika's barely hanging on. Her father debates calling off the search, but Mika's insistent—they have to find her mother. With their hopes pinned on a FEMA refugee facility miles away from the ravaged coast, the trek will be anything but easy. Daphne survived a megaquake, escaped flood waters rushing through the city, and walked away from a horrific bus crash. With confirmation her family is alive and searching for her at a refugee facility, she's determined to reach them. But the facility isn't all it's cracked up to be, and Daphne will face her greatest obstacles yet in the fight to find her family. It's a race against time through ravaged city streets, unfriendly locals, and dense forest passes. The odds are stacked against the Redshaws, but their unrelenting hope for a united family drives them on. Aftermath_ is the final book in the Fault Lines trilogy, an apocalyptic disaster thriller series following ordinary people struggling to survive when a megaquake plunges the Pacific Northwest into chaos._

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