The Traveler 5
The Traveler 5
The Traveler - Book 5

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Release Date:May 28, 2024
Format:Duet Narration
Duration:7 hr, 29 min

With the forbidden ones now causing chaos around the world of Risona, other kingdoms are in trouble and need help.

They are notified that enchanted weapons have been located and send delegates to negotiate for said weapons, but as they travel, they are accosted throughout the journey. Dom and his family are trying to deal with the soldiers and people who are sent to the fortress by their queens. When tempers flare and get out of hand, it results in death. The runemaker finds that his new powers are hard to contain when his emotions get the better of him. And it doesn't help when others challenge his authority and his claim of being a suitor to the kingdom's crowned princess. Throughout the book, Dom is tested emotionally and physically, but he endures with the goal of arming the world with his weapons against the evil ones. Even though he will make a killing on the fees for his weapons. But hey, got to make a living somehow. And he did get permission from a god to do so. This is the fifth book in the Traveler series. Intended for mature listeners.

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