A Wedding in the Keys
A Wedding in the Keys
Coconut Key - Book 6

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Release Date:January 25, 2022
Format:Single Narration
Duration:8 hr, 44 min

Will there be blue skies and happy lives for the wedding day...or is change in the forecast again?

The bonds of love that have formed and grown over the past year in Coconut Key reach a culmination of white lace and champagne...for some. For others, things may not turn out as they expected. New arrivals on the island turn plans and lives upside down, testing the strength of relationships. Everyone has to make major decisions about life, work, and love. The future may look different for Beck, Savannah, Peyton, and Jessie...but whatever it is, with family and friends, it will be warm, happy, and dappled in sunshine. _The Coconut Key series celebrates older heroines, second chance romance, entangled families, and lifelong friendships. _

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