Luke Brothers: The Complete Collection
Luke Brothers: The Complete Collection
Luke Brothers - Book 1, 2, 3

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Release Date:September 28, 2021
Duration:12 hr, 15 min

Contains books one, two, and three of the Luke Brothers series.

Unexpected Expectations, book one T'Air's current way of living isn't cutting it anymore. She wants something different, something solid! This is a stark contrast to her current lifestyle, but in order to achieve the intended goal, she will have to take a chance and express herself even when it seems pointless. Lu'vell or Luv wants what he wants when he wants it. Scorned by past experiences, Luv is not interested in finding love at all...but he wants T'Air. In order for him to achieve that goal he will have to take a chance at love one more time. Sometimes all you need is to give things a chance. Unexpected Second Chances, book two Ebo Luke is fresh off a devastating divorce and feeling like love is no longer an option. However, he quickly learns that sometimes no matter what you want or believe, the universe has a different plan for you. For most, love is simply a fairy tale. Those who truly want and deserve to have their hearts protected always seem to come up short. That has been Simira's experience, and for that reason, her focus is on the only person who has ever loved her unconditionally: her son. Ebo and Simira have given up all hope, but that's when things begin to turn in their favor. When you stop looking for and expecting love, it occasionally finds its way to you. Unexpected Challenges, book three Lenox Luke is the unpredictable brother in the Luke clan. Dubbed as the wild child and irresponsible younger sibling, he's perfectly content enjoying the privilege of all the beautiful women who catch his eye. Love is not on the radar, or so he thinks. Although Lenox is use to bedding any woman who is willing and able, he quickly learns that there are some who are immune to his handsome face and world-class charm. Once he crosses paths with Ambrielle "Elle" Hendricks, a woman who challenges his patience and ego, everything changes. The minute their worlds collide, it creates the perfect beautiful disaster.

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