Bad Blood Leopard
Bad Blood Leopard
Bad Blood Shifters - Book 3

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Release Date:October 24, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:6 hr, 50 min

Sloan McCall is a dead shifter walking.

A former Shifter Special Forces operative, he’s been underground since his last mission imploded—causing the death of a woman who’d loved him and leaving his snow leopard irreparably broken. Now his past is hunting him down: the military, the Shifter Intelligence Agency, and Kayisha’s vengeful ghost—who’s trying her damnedest to kill him. Caitlyn Anderson’s strange visions have cost her everything: the chance to become an intelligence agent, the respect of her snowy owl clan, and her pledged mate. But when she gets a vision of Sloan’s coming death, she feels compelled to help him—even though she doesn’t know who he is or why he’s in danger. When Caitlyn finally meets the troubled, wildly sexy shifter she’s trying to protect, sparks fly instantly. But her interference sets off a tangled web of lies, secrets, and betrayal—one that leads back to Sloan’s final mission and the memories he’s tried so hard to bury. Can Sloan break down his walls and trust Caitlyn and the Bad Blood Crew with his deepest, most dangerous secrets—before the ghosts of his past destroy them all? Fall in love with the Bad Blood Shifters! Smokin’ hot shifter men with hearts of gold; the strong, passionate women who love them; secrets, lies, and danger—and happily ever afters.

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