Legacy of the Broken

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Release Date:January 23, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:18 hr, 51 min

A traumatized AI and a small expeditionary fleet of aliens must ward off total extinction in the first book of a moving, character-driven sci-fi series.

A century ago, nearly all life in the universe was destroyed by the Starless Horrors. Spanning three decades, the Cataclysm wiped out two-thirds of known galaxies and left the rest broken. But eventually, the survivors of countless civilizations and species banded together and prevailed against the onslaught, and those who remained began to rebuild, reconnect, and rediscover hope.   Patriarch Tov Garesh’Ynt, citizen of the Reborn Kurskann Empire and representative of the Galactic Legacy Federation, was placed in charge of the Third Expeditionary Fleet, an armada of exploratory vessels sent into the abandoned Dead Zone to determine what happened to the invading monsters and if the lost worlds therein could be reclaimed. After five years traversing abandoned space, the fleet stumbles upon an immense graveyard of warships and Starless corpses, where it seems a species of bipedal beings put up a valiant fight against the scourge. But there’s something else to be found in the supposedly dead system, and it’s beyond Tov’s wildest dreams—and worst nightmares.   Because the Starless Horrors haven’t vanished at all, and the war in Sol still thrives as a stalemate, with the enemy being fought and repelled by a crew of sentient AIs, damaged, war-weary, and on the brink of collapse. Now, Tov must make first contact with the immensely powerful and psychologically fraught leader of the AIs to gain their knowledge and offer them aid—before the universe itself succumbs to complete and utter defeat . . .   Both a poignant examination of PTSD and survivor’s guilt and a stunning example of world-building, Legacy of the Broken is an epic start to an emotional and heart-pounding new space opera series.   The first volume of the hit science-fiction adventure series—with almost 200,000 views on Royal Road—now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible!

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