The Burning Witch 2
The Burning Witch 2
The Burning Witch - Book 2

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Performed By:Matthew Wolf
Release Date:January 30, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:15 hr, 8 min

A fiery young witch contends with magical adversaries, courtly fights, and unexpected attractions in this romantasy set in the world of the House Witch.

  Lady Katarina Ashowan has never quite fit the mold of a noblewoman—and it’s not only because she’s a mutated fire witch. Though she’s the closest friend and confidant of Alina, the soon-to-be-coronated queen of Troivack, Kat would much rather play cards with questionable characters or steal out at night to go riding than bandy niceties with suitors and deal with affairs of state. So as soon as Alina is officially crowned, the young witch plans to put away her dresses and get into some real adventure, training with a master swordsman.   But her journey to knightly prowess is proving more complicated than she thought it would be. For one thing, her future teacher isn’t exactly thrilled at the prospect of their arrangement. Worse, unknown adversaries seem determined to stop Alina from actually assuming the throne. Kat’s magical abilities, meanwhile, keep growing and changing in unpredictable and potentially dangerous ways. And despite her best efforts, she still can’t manage to suppress her attraction to Alina’s brother, Eric, the crown prince of Daxaria . . .   Filled with heart-pounding duels and enchanted encounters, witty wordplay and swoon-worthy flirtations, The Burning Witch 2 is the humorous, page-turning continuation of a charming series set in the unforgettable universe of the_ _House Witch. _ _ The second volume of a new spin-off of the hit romantic-fantasy series that has more than a million views on Royal Road—now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible!

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