Michel Noris
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Mike Noris is an exciting new voice in the literary world, making his mark as a first-time author in the realms of LitRPG and Cultivation genres with his first novel Awoken book One of his Primal Age Series. Residing in Plato, Missouri, he draws inspiration from the tranquil countryside and the vibrant community around him. As a lifelong reader and avid fan of fantasy and science fiction, Mike's love for immersive storytelling led him to embark on his own writing journey. Influenced by literary giants like Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, Aleron Kong, Will Wight, and Michael Chatfield, Mike sought to create captivating narratives that seamlessly blend intricate world-building, rich character development, and exhilarating action. Their works served as beacons of inspiration, igniting his imagination, and fueling his passion for crafting epic tales. Beyond his writing endeavors, Mike actively engages with the writing community, attending conventions and participating in workshops to further hone his skills. When he's not crafting worlds or delving into the latest gaming trends, Mike can be found exploring the great outdoors, seeking inspiration from nature's wonders. He also enjoys spending time with his family and friends, sharing stories, and nurturing his creative spirit. With his boundless imagination and deep admiration for the literary greats, Mike Noris is poised to leave an indelible mark on the LitRPG and Cultivation genres, captivating readers with his innovative narratives and enchanting worlds.
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