Kirt Graves
About the Performer
After 15 years of empowering young people to find their voices through drama, poetry, and literature as an award-winning speech and debate coach, Kirt Graves found his own voice as an audiobook narrator. He brings clarity, empathy, and humor to stories spanning dystopian sci-fi, urban & high fantasy, contemporary romance, and most significantly, young adult fiction that reflects his own experience growing up gay in the Midwest. As an adult with depression, anxiety, ADHD, and OCD, Kirt hopes to destigmatize mental health disorders and neurodiversity by reframing atypical thinking as a superpower rather than a disability. He is an advocate for the inclusive casting of human narrators in audiobooks. Off-mic, Kirt is a graphic artist, a political junkie, and a theater director.
Books From The Performer
On Guard
Prince of Agony
Bad Pucking Timing
Kiss the Slipper
Temper the Flame
Prince and Betrothed
Rent: Paid in Full
Dragon's Descent
Sacrifice the Sea
Prince and Bodyguard
A Minute More
Steal the Sky
Dragon's Dusk
Hunt the Wood
Dragon's Dawn
Never Have I Ever: Wanted my Brother's Rival
Never Have I Ever: Had a Bromance with a Teammate
Never Have I Ever: Submitted to My Enemy
Never Have I Ever: Punched My Roommate's V-Card
Prince and Pawn
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