Cindy Kay
About the Performer
Who knew a Comparative Literature Ph.D. could become a full-time narrator? Endlessly curious, I have transformed my love of the written word into performances that tackle the complexities and frivolities of life. As a Chinese Thai American, I draw from experiences with my own quirky family members to deliver nuanced, honest characters. You can often find me voicing Asian American Fiction, YA, Rom Com, Thriller/Mystery, and Non-Fiction titles. Raised in North California, I have lived in 5 US time zones (not Alaska), which has fostered my expertise in food, fitness, nature, science, and the outdoors. I am proficient in Thai, Spanish, and Portuguese and love voicing characters with Japanese, Korean, and Chinese accents. I feel lucky to have a career that ties together so many of my life experiences through storytelling.
Books From The Performer
A Sacrifice of Blood and Stars
Moonsilver Transfusion
Heaven's Laws: Monolith
Resist Me
Forbidden Freedom
Fates Parallel: Vol. 4
Soul Shock
Fates Parallel: Vol. 3
Fates Parallel: Vol. 2
Fates Parallel: Vol. 1
Midnight Triage
Emergency Shift
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