Addison Barnes
About the Performer
There's a running joke in my family, that all my stories ended with "and then..." because I couldn't seem to relinquish the spotlight. From an early age I was passionate about learning accents and imitating interesting voices. Now I do that for a living. With over 150 audiobooks recorded, my work includes books from USA Today and New York Times bestselling authors including M. Robinson, Amelia Hutchins, and Tana Stone. I am known for giving each character their own unique voice and for my work in the romance genre. When I'm not narrating audiobooks, you can find me hiking in the foothills of the West with my family.
Books From The Performer
Ruined Beta
Say My Name
Savage Throne
Stolen Omega
The Scarecrow's Queen
Wicked Heir
Nanny for the Tiger Daddy
Nanny for the Wolf Daddy
Nanny for the Dragon Daddy
Broken Omega
Lost Omega
Secret Omega
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