Drew Mehrtens
About the Performer
Drew began his career out of University as a news cameraman at age 18, then a national radio announcer from the age of 19. He became a professionally trained voice artist, writer and audio producer and continued this while also becoming a television writer, director and producer. Drew transitioned from screenwriting to author but then his career took an unexpected detour into emergency media and disaster public information management (tsunami, severe weather, volcano and earthquake). After focusing on PR and crisis communication, COVID led to Drew progressively returning to his roots as a storyteller on radio, through audiobook narration and developing fantasy and romance stories across multiple mediums. Born in New Zealand from British, German, Scandinavian, French and Maori ancestry, Drew has also lived in Connecticut and LA. He now lives by the sea in the city of Auckland with his wife.
Books From The Performer
A Wolf in the Garden
Where Wild Things Grow
Where Broken Wings Fly
No Omega Needed
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