Blood Rites

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Blood Rites
Blood Rites 2
Blood Rites 3
Release Date:January 23, 2024
Format:Duet Narration
Series Duration:41 hr, 34 min

Awaken the power. Unlock your potential. Grow stronger.

Embrace the blood… Lazarus Cross wakes after centuries of slumber, a single objective burning in his mind: revenge. His newfound thirst for blood is insatiable. When the woman who awakened him disappears before he can learn his identity or purpose, he must rely on his own strength and cunning to survive. In a world hungry for power and control, Lazarus must fight for his freedom and prove he is more than what he appears. With each bloody battle, he grows in strength, each victory unlocking new powers inside him. As he delves deeper into the secrets of his forgotten past, he discovers that he is the first—and now last—of an order of Eldritch Knights. Lazarus must harness the forces of darkness to defeat the demonic entities holding sway over Selunath. But he can’t do it alone. To do so, he must lure the very creatures who try to control him and use their power to defeat the evil goddess, Sanguiana. And he must do it without succumbing to the growing darkness within… Blood Rites is a thrilling men’s fantasy series featuring vampires, shifters, succubi, and other monstrous women sure to leave you thirsty for more. Indulge in your darkest desires. Embrace the blood.

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